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Adrian Moody Appointed as Head of the Ramallah Friends School

Thu, 06/15/2017 - 8:29am

Friends United Meeting is delighted to announce the appointment of Adrian Moody to the position of Head of Ramallah Friends School (, effective August 2017. Adrian will succeed Joyce Ajlouny, who has served for thirteen years and who will be taking up the post of General Secretary of the American Friends Service Committee.

Adrian comes to the Friends School with an extensive background in international education, having served in school leadership positions in Australia, New Zealand, Tanzania, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and India. His depth of experience with the International Baccalaureate and his masters-level specialization in teacher assessment will allow him to shepherd the implementation of the RFS Board’s new strategic plan which focuses on strengthening the academic programs. His professional expertise in the management of large multi-campus schools will facilitate a thorough analysis of long-term financial and physical needs and the development of strategies for sustainability.

A committed Roman Catholic with a master’s degree in theology, Adrian feels deeply called to the particular witness of a Friends School under occupation. As he shared with the school when he visited: “I am drawn to RFS for so many reasons. It has a long history of shared communities. It has a strong academic program and is able to offer its students wonderful opportunities. But RFS is not just a school – it is much more than that. I look at RFS and I see that the grace of God is working within your community. I see God carrying us all on a journey, together through moments of success and challenges which strengthens our lives and our bonds with each other and God.”

Adrian, an Australian national, and his wife Gillian, a New Zealander, will take up residence in Ramallah at the beginning of August while their teenage daughter continues in boarding school in New Zealand.

Adrian will serve as a member of the FUM Field Staff, with his salary, benefits, and expenses covered through designated donations to FUM. In order to prevent a gap in leadership and to facilitate a smooth hand-over as Joyce leaves the school, a generous FUM supporter has provided transitional funding to allow Adrian to begin without delay. As FUM and Adrian work together to build his support community, these funds will be repaid.

FUM invites all Friends to pray for Adrian and his family during this transition and to give thanks that God has called him to witness to the transformational presence of Christ amid the Friends community in Ramallah at this time.

For more information, contact Eden Grace, Director of Global Ministries, at

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The Deadline is Approaching…Register Now to Join the Cuba Living Letters Trip in November 2017! (11-21 November 2017)

Fri, 06/09/2017 - 2:07pm

JUNE 14, 2017 is the deadline for the upcoming Cuba Living Letters trip! 

Register here today!

Every year in November, Cuba Yearly Meeting celebrates the arrival of the first Friends missionaries to the island. The trip includes celebrating this anniversary and intervisitation with Cuba Yearly Meeting Friends.

Here are just a few highlights from last year’s November 2016 trip…

  • Meeting in Miami and visiting with Miami Friends Church
  • Celebration and performances for the Cuban Quakerism anniversary
  • Visiting Quaker meetings and engaging with Cuban Friends
  • Exploring Cuban history in the city of Holguin
  • Learning about Cuban Quaker history around the city of Gibara

Click here to learn more or contact Click here to register today!

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Stoking the Fire Schedule Released

Tue, 06/06/2017 - 1:50pm

The schedule for Stoking the Fire: Claiming Spiritual Power for Transformative Action has been set! Here’s the plan:

Sunday, July 9th

Friends will arrive between 3:00 and 5:00 pm. Dinner will run from 5:30 to 7:00 pm, and then Kelly Kellum will lead the opening session.

Monday, July 10th

Morning worship will be led by Nancy McCormick from 7:00 to 8:00 am, with breakfast to follow. Jan Wood will lead the morning Plenary Session, and blocks are set aside for both meeting with Home Groups and unstructured time.

Afternoon workshops will include Being Grounded in Spiritual Practice (led by Kathryn Damiano), The Third Way: Nonviolent Resistance and Civil Disobedience (led by Leslie Manning), Prophetic Witness I (led by Dorlan Bales), and Discernment for Spirit-led Action I (led by Patricia Thomas).

After a break and dinner, Friends will re-gather for Experimental Semi-programmed Worship with Eden Grace.

Tuesday, July 11th

Morning worship will be led by Nancy McCormick from 7:00 to 8:00 am, with breakfast to follow. Jan Wood will lead the morning Plenary Session, and blocks are set aside for both meeting with Home Groups and unstructured time.

Afternoon workshops will include Quaker Social Change Ministry (led by Lucy Duncan), Music as a Grounding for Action (led by Leslie Manning and Kathy Luethje), Prophetic Witness II (led by Dorlan Bales), and Discernment for Spirit Led Action II (led by Patricia Thomas).

Wednesday, July 12th

Morning worship will be led by Nancy McCormick from 7:00 to 8:00 am, with breakfast to follow. Home Groups will meet, and then following a break the Closing Session will be led by Scott Wagoner and Kelly Kellum.

You can download the schedule as a PDF here: Stoking the Fire 2017 conference timetable 6June2017. More information, including details about childcare and scholarship assistance for Young Adult Friends, is available on our Stoking the Fire site.


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West Richmond Friends Meeting Seeks Leadership in Pastoral Ministry and/or Religious Education

Fri, 06/02/2017 - 10:38am

West Richmond Friends Meeting (Richmond, Indiana) requests proposals from individuals who wish to explore a calling to full-time or part-time leadership in Pastoral Ministry and/or Religious Education. We will accept proposals immediately until the opening is filled. We hope to fill the opening by July 1, 2017. For more details, see

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FUM Triennial: Application Deadline Extended!

Tue, 05/30/2017 - 6:25pm

We’re preparing for our Triennial gathering in Wichita, Kansas, USA, and we hope that someone from your Meeting or Church (maybe even YOU!) will be planning to attend. We have a great line-up of speakers: Miriam Khamadi Were, C. Wess Daniels, Jan Wood, and our own Colin Saxton! We’re working on some excellent workshops – more about that later – and we’re cultivating Young Adult Friend involvement through our Stewards program.

May 31st was our initial deadline for regular-price registration for Triennial, but in order to make our event more accessible, we’re moving that deadline up to June 15th! Now through June 15th, registration is only $210. You can read more about and register by heading over to our registration site.

Hope to see you in Wichita in July!

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North American Ministries Outreach Grant of $200,000

Thu, 05/25/2017 - 2:37pm

With roughly 45 days remaining in the Energize, Equip and Connect Campaign we are now within $175,000 of our $3,000,000 goal! Thanks to all of you who helped get us this far!

For others, please make your gift or pledge today and join the rest of us in strengthening and sustaining the work of FUM all around the world.

Our primary focus, as we conclude the Campaign, is matching the $200,000 North American Ministries (NAM) outreach grant we have received. With up to $50,000 committed for each of the next four years, we have an opportunity to begin several new initiatives if we can match this amount. So far, Friends like you have committed $75,000 for each of the next four years. This means we are at 37.5% of our match goal with plenty of time to meet or beat it!

A four-year Campaign pledge for the NAM match, beyond what you normally give to FUM, doubles your investment in our shared work and witness. Please click on the link (NAM Match Pledge Form) to print out a pledge form and make your gift today! On behalf of the global community of FUM—thank you!

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Stewards Program Application for the 2017 Triennial

Thu, 05/25/2017 - 11:29am

Young Adult Friends (aged 18–27) who are interested in the Friends movement and in developing their leadership experience could gain significant benefit from participating in the Stewards Program offered during the Triennial. The program will be facilitated by Pat Byers, Assistant Superintendent, Indiana Yearly Meeting, and will include significant time working alongside those leading the Youth/ YAF Program, at the Triennial.

Program focus

At this Triennial gathering the Stewards Program will have three main areas of focus:

1. Education/introduction to the Friends movement.

2. Leadership experience working with Young Friends and other Young Adults at the Triennial. Also, there will be focused time getting to know and working with leaders from different Yearly Meetings.

3. Opportunity to rub shoulders with and learn from some ‘seasoned’ leaders of the Friends movement.

Why choose to be an FUM Steward at Triennial this summer?

1. Get to know Friends. Perhaps you have a LOT of knowledge of the Friends movement, or perhaps you are brand new to it. No matter where you land on that spectrum, we feel you will come away with more.

2. Be challenged in leadership. Whether you have had a lot of leadership experience, or are just getting started, the Stewards Program will provide a wonderful opportunity. You will be challenged by Friends leaders, and you will be challenged by those you will have an opportunity be alongside in leadership. There is also value in getting to know and coming alongside fellow young leaders from other Yearly Meetings in other parts of the country. We feel this will provide a well-rounded experience that will spur young leaders to new levels.

3. Take advantage. We are in a unique moment within both the Friends movement and the wider culture. Friends are thinking hard about where they fit and how they can affect the future of the Church and of society. In addition, businesses, non-profit organizations, and Churches are all emphasizing the importance of leadership qualities. We hope to take advantage of this moment.

4. Share what YOU are learning. Since many who will attend as Stewards will be products of previous leadership programs, we would love for those attending this program to bring books, ideas, and/or names of authors or people who have been inspirational when it comes to leadership. Those shepherding this program do not claim to have “the corner” on what it takes to be a good leader. We ask that Stewards come prepared to share how God has already shaped them in aspects of leadership.

More information and program application available here: 2017 FUM Triennial stewards form extended.

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FUM’s 2017 “Living Letters” service-learning delegation to Ramallah

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 9:59pm

On June 20, the annual Living Letters service-learning trip to the Ramallah Friends School departs for an experience of just over two weeks. The interfaith and intergenerational group will first visit the Galilee on its way to Ramallah. There they will stay at the Melkite school of Abuna Elias Chacour, learning about the lives of Palestinian Arabs in Israel, before touring the Sea of Galilee area and visiting an Israeli kibbutz on the Lebanon/Syria border.

The trip to Ramallah will take the group through the Jordan Valley to Jericho and the Dead Sea Scrolls community of Qumran before ascending the Palestinian highlands into Ramallah. Staying at the Ramallah Friends Upper School campus, the group will do service projects at the Friends Meetinghouse and at the two campuses of the Lower and Upper Schools.

Along with service, the learning part will include meetings with Israelis and Palestinians engaged in peace and justice work, evenings with families whose children have attended Quaker colleges in the U.S., worshiping with the Quaker community, and attending Friday prayers at a local mosque. Time in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, and area villages will further add to the group’s experience of the rich religious, political, and cultural history of the area.

Max and Jane Carter of North Carolina Yearly Meeting have led this annual FUM-sponsored trip for decades, and have indicated that they will only be available for a few more years before they retire from this particular ministry. Friends who wish to be informed when the 2018 registration opens can send their contact details to Lisa Scarpelli at


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New Stoking the Fire Registration Date: May 31st

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 9:01pm

Good news: the deadline for registration for Stoking the Fire has been extended until May 31! Late registration fees won’t be charged until June 1.

If you aren’t excited yet about this spiritual experience, check out some of the information available on our Stoking the Fire website. Here are comments made by Friends who attended last year’s Stoking the Fire:

This was my very first gathering sponsored by FUM. I was eager to meet the people and get a sense of the community. I had/have the clear sense that this is, indeed, the Body of Christ and therefore I am woven and knitted into the core of God’s Heart, which binds us all together. The generosity of spirit seemed to me to be a clear sign of Christ’s presence among us. I was also very encouraged by every story I heard about people’s involvement in their home communities and Yearly Meetings. While that wasn’t central to our work together, it happened among the edges, naturally, and it further convinced me that this particular group of people is truly the leaven in the loaf. Praise God!

There was a commonality of seeking the Holy Spirit to dwell among us that weekend. . . I was made more mindful.

I was tremendously blessed by the giftedness of a number of younger people whom God is clearly forming in ministry in really significant ways.

The words that come to mind are intimate, mindful, centered, focused, intentional, and grounded. It was a weekend filled with metaphors and visual images that helped us make meaning and remember our time together.

We pray that this year’s Stoking the Fire will provide interested Friends with the same experience of joy and blessing. You can register for Stoking the Fire here.

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JOB OPENING: Young Adult Field Secretary for New York Yearly Meeting

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 8:55pm
JOB OPENING: Young Adult Field Secretary for New York Yearly Meeting The Young Adult Field Secretary works with and supports the young adults in New York Yearly Meeting, serving as a locus for networking and disseminating information; assisting in multi-generational community development; doing mentoring, pastoral care, coordinating, and outreach; and helping young adult Friends to develop their gifts and to find a home in the Religious Society of Friends. In addition, the position will support young adult Friends’ retreats and activities and opportunities for religious education and will serve as a support and focal point for college outreach efforts. This is a half-time position that requires ongoing ministry and considerable travel, including many weekend commitments, around the NYYM area. Please see the job announcement here:…/default/files/YAFS-JobAnnouncement.pdf And the full job description here:…/default/files/YAFSJobDescription.pdf APPLY NOW: applications are being accepted until June 15. Position starts July 15th.
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Wilmington Yearly Meeting seeks Interim Office Administrator

Thu, 05/11/2017 - 8:12am

Wilmington Yearly Meeting is seeking an Interim Office Administrator: 

“After much thought, and prayerful consideration, the Executive Committee has approved the hiring of an Interim Office Administrator while a search for a new Executive Secretary is conducted. This position will be part-time for a period of at least 6 months. It is the hope of the Executive Committee to have this person in place by July 1.

Below is the job description. If you or someone you know is interested in applying, please send a resume to the Yearly Meeting Office at 1870 Quaker Way, Pyle Box 1194, Wilmington, Ohio 45177 by May 29. Your resume should include the following: work history, at least 1 reference, and your name, address, phone number, and email address. Also, a paragraph explaining why you are interested in the position.

We ask that you include the committee and this process in your prayers.”

The full job description and application information are available on their website.

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Living Letters: a Friendly Approach to Visitation Ministry

Sat, 05/06/2017 - 11:35am

You are a living letter of Christ, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on human hearts.

-2 Corinthians 3:3

Think, for a moment, about the excitement you feel when you receive a letter in the mail. Not a bill, not an advertisement: a real honest-to-goodness letter containing news about a friend and wishes for your well-being.

There’s a sense of anticipation, right? There’s gratitude at having been remembered, and curiosity about what’s inside.

When members of the church visit one another, we meet with that same sense of holy anticipation. There’s a sharing, a communion between Friends who lead geographically separated lives but are one in the body of Christ.

From the earliest days of the Quaker movement, Friends have been visiting each other. We send and receive travelers as Living Letters, with the same sense of joy and thankfulness that accompanies receiving a letter in the mail. Ordinary Friends, as traveling ministers, become epistles in human form- bringing messages of encouragement and assistance, and carrying news of Friends abroad to Friends at home.

Friends visit in order to affirm our oneness as the body of Christ, meeting each other in times of need and in times of joy. We learn from each other and know each other in that which is eternal. Through encountering each other in worship and in service, we are knit together in love. And through the sometimes-surprising encounter with Christ in the “other,” both hosts and guests are profoundly changed.

The Living Letters program of Friends United Meeting facilitates a wide variety of travel in the ministry: for service, for prayer, for learning, for solidarity, for teaching, for discernment, for encouragement, for witness and more. Organized opportunities are published through FUM media channels such as our website, Facebook page, and Connections publication, but most Living Letters begin with a nudge in the heart and the testing of the local community. Contact Lisa Scarpelli at or call 765-962-7573 to learn more.

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Cuban Quaker Peace Institute: 2017 Report

Sat, 05/06/2017 - 11:06am

The Cuban Quaker Institute of Peace (Instituto Cuáquero Cubano de Paz or ICCP) is a program in the care of Cuba Yearly Meeting that promotes the development of a culture of peace within Latin America. ICCP provides programming and courses for conflict transformation training for community leaders and others. The institute also seeks to strengthen Quaker peacebuilding and service through a deeper understanding of Quaker history, theology, and testimonies.

Recently, the ICCP has celebrated the first cycle of training mediators, fourteen in their January 2015 session, and also the first graduation on May 30, 2015 of twelve students in peacebuilding and Quaker studies. In 2016, courses continued in Holguin and Puerto Padre, and also began in Havana in July.

ICCP is looking ahead and reaching out to interested individuals in Latin America who would like to take courses at the institute. The three current groups in courses are planned to have their graduations in their respective Monthly Meetings with the hope and goal to encourage new people to also participate in the courses. Presently, ICCP is also considering providing classes for Latin American Quakers directly where they are located as well as for Miami Meeting and other Latino groups in North America. The Cuban Quaker Institute for Peace hopes to be present around different Yearly Meetings, rather than only specific locations, in order to make their work and vision more accessible to Friends led to this learning and leadership.


“Let us try, then, what love can do” (W. Penn) when we gather together in Spirit and in Truth.

In this year 2016, we continued with the courses in the offices of Holguin and Puerto Padre where 6 subjects were taught: Quaker History and Literature III by Ramón González Longoria E.; Quaker Processes by Benigno Sanchez-Eppler, Quaker Diversity by Betsy Cazden; Conflict in communities by Pablo Stanfield; The Quakers and the Bible by María Yi R. (in Holguín) and Jorge L Peña R (in Puerto Padre) and Quaker Women by María Antonia Bofill P. The enrollments in both locations vary between 10 students and in some cases more, the product of those brothers and sisters who from the course of 2013 to 2015 are finishing the subjects that are they’re missing. As you can see we have been using Cuban teachers and some foreigners.

On July 1 and 2, 2016 we opened the Havana location with an initial enrollment of 30 people but the fixed group is 20 brothers and sisters. For this we buy dishes and glasses and have used the facilities and utensils provided by Havana Meeting. We gave two courses: the inaugural one with Pablo Stanfield, Conflicts in Communities; and, the second, Introduction to Conflict Transformation by Kirenia Criado Pérez.

As you know I had an accident in July but we continued to lead the Institute with the diligent cooperation of the secretary, Ramón González Longoria Concepción, who was in charge of the carrying out of and the logistics of each meeting. His work has been very efficient in keeping our files up to date and, having more students (around 40) has increased the printing work; Sometimes about 1500 pages have been printed for a single meeting so that all students have the materials for each course. This has increased our spending on printing materials. At the end of each course we collect the materials we used to be saved for another current or future group.

We have decided that when these three groups complete all the courses, the graduation will be done in their respective Monthly Meetings. The seat of Havana is likely to end later. We hope in this way to encourage new brothers and sisters to join our courses.

Since it has not been possible to bring a group of Latin American Quakers to our headquarters because of the cost of travel, we are considering going to these places using foreign and Cuban teachers. We are also considering the Miami Meeting and other Latino groups in North America. In all these occasions we will try to link the courses with trips for other reasons to reduce the costs of travel. For this, we’ll contact the CMCA, COAL, Yearly Meetings and Monthly Meetings.

We want to thank the Monthly Meetings that have provided us with the facilities for the meetings and the sisters and brothers who help us in the preparation of food and snacks.

Ramón González Longoria Escalona



“Probemos, pues, lo que el amor puede lograr” (W. Penn) cuando nos congregamos unidos en Espíritu y en Verdad.

En este año 2016 continuamos con los cursos en las sedes de Holguín y Puerto Padre donde se impartieron 6 asignaturas: Historia y Literatura Cuáquera III por Ramón González Longoria E.; Procesos cuáqueros por Benigno Sanchez-Eppler, Diversidad Cuáquera por Betsy Cazden; Conflictos en las comunidades por Pablo Stanfield; Los Cuáqueros y la Biblia por María Yi R. (en Holguín) y Jorge L Peña R (en Puerto Padre) y Mujeres Cuáqueras por María Antonia Bofill P. Las matriculas en ambas sedes oscila en 10 estudiantes y en algunos casos más, producto de aquellos hermanos y hermanas que del curso del 2013 al 2015 están terminando las asignaturas que le faltan. Como pueden ver hemos estado usando profesores cubanos y algunos extranjeros.

En julio 1 y 2 del 2016 abrimos la sede en la Habana con una matrícula inicial de 30 hermanos pero el grupo fijo es de 20 hermanos y hermanas. Para ello compramos platos y vasos y hemos usado las facilidades y utensilios facilitados por la Junta de la Habana. Dimos dos cursos: el inaugural con Pablo Stanfield, Conflictos en las Comunidades; y, el segundo, Introducción a la transformación de conflictos por Kirenia Criado Pérez.

Como saben tuve un accidente en julio pero seguimos dirigiendo el Instituto con la cooperación diligente del secretario, Ramón González Longoria Concepción, quien se encargó de la realización y logística de cada encuentro. Su labor ha sido muy eficiente en mantener nuestros archivos al día y, al tener más estudiantes (alrededor de 40) ha aumentado el trabajo de impresión; en ocasiones se han impreso alrededor de 1500 páginas para un solo encuentro para que todos los estudiantes tengan los materiales de cada curso. Esto ha aumentado nuestros gastos en materiales de impresión. Al terminar cada curso recogemos los materiales que nos sirven para otro grupo actual o futuro los que están debidamente guardados.

Hemos decidido que cuando estos tres grupos finalicen todos los cursos, la graduación se haga en sus respectivas Juntas Mensuales. La sede de la Habana es probable que termine más tarde. Esperamos de esta forma estimular a nuevos hermanos y hermanas a que se incorporen a nuestros cursos.

En vista de que no ha sido posible traer a un grupo de cuáqueros latinoamericanos a nuestra sede por el costo de los viajes, estamos considerando la posibilidad de ir a esos lugares usando profesores extranjeros y cubanos. Lo mismo estamos considerando con relación a la Junta de Miami y otros grupos latinos en Norteamérica. En todas estas ocasiones trataremos de vincular los cursos con viajes por otros motivos para disminuir los costos de pasaje. Para ello contactaremos al CMCA, COAL, Juntas Anuales y Juntas Mensuales.

Queremos darles las gracias a las Juntas Mensuales que nos han prestado las facilidades para los encuentros tenidos y a las hermanas y hermanos que nos ayudan en la elaboración de los alimentos y meriendas.

Ramón González Longoria Escalona


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Colin Saxton Enters Year of Transition

Fri, 05/05/2017 - 2:03pm
To all Friends everywhere,   For the last several years, I have been privileged to serve as general secretary of Friends United Meeting. FUM is an amazing fellowship—a global community joined together in common work and witness and learning to live into our shared fellowship in Christ. I have come to love this community and believe more strongly than ever that a vibrant and growing FUM is both necessary for the future of Friends and is a much needed gift to the world.   In discerning with the FUM General Board around the continuation of my call to service, we agreed that I will conclude this ministry within the next year (by June 30, 2018). My wife and I feel a strong leading to return home to Oregon to be nearer our children and their families. The FUM Executive Board and I explored the possibility of me working remotely from the West Coast, but we sensed this would not be a great long-term solution and a likely hardship on the Richmond staff. My wife and I also believe there are other ways we are being led to serve among Friends. In my own case, I am particularly interested in exploring new opportunities to strengthen community among Quakers, nurture emerging leaders and deepen my own spiritual life and faithfulness.   I am eager to work with the General Board in this coming year of transition, support our excellent global staff and travel among all of you. I am also excited to see who God raises up to step into this wonderful work. Thanks to all of you—the members of the FUM community—for the joy you have brought to my life. Your example, passion for service and kind generosity is a great inspiration to me.   Colin Saxton   From the Board:   Colin has brought enormous gifts to FUM. His vision, his passion, his love of Christ, his ability to hold all parts of the very wide spectrum that is FUM, and above all his servant-leadership, have all been transforming and life-giving to this organization.   This transition has evoked feelings of loss and anxiety among many of us. We grow attached to our spiritual leaders, and sometimes it seems impossible that we could ever find someone else whose gifts are so well suited to our needs.   But we are called not to live in fear, but to faithfully live out the will of God in our lives, encouraging and upbuilding each other so we each may do the same. It has become clear that it is the will of God in Colin’s life that he be released from this ministry, and therefore we ask all of you to rejoice and give thanks with us: for Colin’s years of faithful service, for his continued obedience to God, and for the new directions which his ministry might take.   We are children of an abundant God. We are beginning the search for a new General Secretary, not with fear, but with a sense of hope and excitement for what the future may hold. We ask for your prayers: for Colin, for the newly forming search committee, and for all of us. May we all be as faithful as Colin has been. May we let go of our anxieties and instead step out in faith, trusting that God is leading us in new ways.   In Christ, The FUM General Board, NA/C


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Summer Mission Project materials now available

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 6:10pm

Early this week, we sent to the printer a poster, several handouts, and a letter about our 2017 Summer Mission Project—A Big Year for Belize. They will be mailed to Meetings and Churches in early May. If you’d like to view them sooner, they are available here as a downloadable pdf.

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Oscar Mmbali’s online pledge campaign launched

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 5:41pm

Oscar Siema Mmbali has been traveling among East African Friends, raising support for the work he will be doing with Belize Friends Ministries. Now, he’s in North America, spreading the news about our expanding work in Belize City and raising support among North American Friends.

As an FUM ministry field staff, Oscar depends on donations from individual Friends and Meetings/Churches for 100% of his support— housing, food, living allowance, medical care, travel, ministry expenses, etc. He needs faithful monthly commitments of prayer and finances from many Friends. Even a small amount, given every month, can make a big difference. To make a one-time gift or a pledge of continuing support, click here. You can sign up to receive Oscar’s newsletter at the same place.

For more information, contact Eden Grace at the FUM Richmond office  +1 765-962-7573 or Donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you, Friends, for your continued faithfulness in both prayer and financial support! Your contributions are making a difference on the Southside of Belize City.

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November 2017 Living Letters trip open for registration

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 9:56am


Celebrate Cuba Yearly Meeting’s 117th anniversary – November 11-21, 2017

Every year on the 14th of November, Cuba Yearly Meeting celebrates the arrival in 1900 of the first Friends missionaries to the island. Friends United Meeting sends visiting groups, or Living Letters, to join in the celebration and to experience the life and witness of Cuban Quakerism. This one-week intervisitation trip is gentle enough for older Friends, and is focused on sharing in worship and fellowship.

Register here.


Registration Deadline: JUNE 14, 2017

The Total Cost for this trip is: $1850.

This is a small group trip. The minimum number of participants is 7 and the maximum is 12.

A booking is considered confirmed when a non-refundable deposit of $200 has been paid.

If the trip fills up, we will maintain a wait-list in case of cancellations.

Questions? Contact Lisa Scarpelli at or call 765-962-7573.

Cost Includes:

* Round trip flight from Miami to Holguin, Cuba

* Baggage fees for Cuba flights

* Hotel stay in Miami on either side of the trip

* All meals, transportation and lodging in Cuba

* All tips, gratuities and service fees

* Travel Health insurance (as required by the Cuban government)

* Visas, licenses and exit tax

Cost does NOT Include:

* Flights to Miami and home

* Meals in Miami

* Souvenirs and personal items

* Incidentals (i.e. worship offerings, sodas, etc.)

NOTE: costs may need to be adjusted if airfares or exchange rates change significantly.

Ann Dodd-Collins writes about her experience of visiting Cuba Friends, “What just overwhelms me about Cuban Friends is their sense of community, their care for each other and for their neighborhoods. Cuban Friends work through their churches to help their neighbors, sharing what they have even though they themselves have little. I heard several church leaders say that their missions are grounded in worship, and because of that, they have succeeded–with building water filtration systems at Gibara and Holguín that serve the community, with creating the Cuban Quaker Peace Institute, with regaining the deeds to Wilmington Colegio at Puerto Padre–against what some would consider insurmountable odds.”

And the Lord said, “If you had faith as a grain of mustard seed,

you could say to this sycamore tree,

‘Be rooted up, and be planted in the sea, and it would obey you.'”

Luke 17:6



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