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Prayers for FTC

Sat, 11/18/2017 - 9:12am
Edna Todayo

One of the Friends Theological College staff, Edna Tadayo, was accidentally shot by a stray bullet while visiting a nearby town in Kenya. Another FTC staff person was with her at the time.

According to Robert Wafula, FTC Principal, she was rushed to the Jumuia Hospital (formerly Kaimosi Hospital) where they attempted to stabilize her. Unfortunately, I just received another message from Wafula saying Edna passed today.

Edna was a single mother of a young (5 – 6 year-old) daughter. I have asked Robert how we might assist the family and the school. Please keep all of them in your prayers at this time.


Colin Saxton

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World Quaker Day in Nairobi, Highgate, and Belize City

Tue, 10/10/2017 - 6:59pm

Every year, Friends World Committee for Consultation hosts World Quaker Day! This year, it was held on 01 October, with the theme of “Gathering in Worship Around the World.”

Quakers throughout the beloved community of Friends United Meeting joined together with our fellow Friends around the world in celebrating this day. Here are a few examples:

The Nairobi Young Adults of Friends Program (NYAFP) Missioners is a group of young adults under the Nairobi Yearly Meeting of Friends Church Quakers who are determined to carry on the great commission as enshrined in Mathew 28:19.

This year, they decided to celebrate World Quaker Day  by visiting the Children’s Garden Home in the Kawangware area of Nairobi, which falls under the Kawangware Monthly Meeting jurisdiction. The home was started in 2001, and at present they serve over 200 children ranging from 0 months to 25 years.

The home has its own school, and a high school that caters to children in need. Students from the school who qualify for college after their O level education usually come back to teach at the school as a form of assisting their brothers and sisters, and also as a way of giving back to the community.

Our World Quaker Day at the Children’s Garden Home was very successful. We prepared food for the children, cleaned their stuff, and had a church service with them which was led by our Pastor Jane Mutoro, who shared on “The Lord being our shepherd,” drawn from Psalm 23:1.

After the sermon and meals, we had a talent show where the children showcased their talent in modeling, rapping, dancing, poetry, and plaiting.

At the end of the day, we gave items donated by our youth to the Children’s Home which included sanitary towels, a bundle of wheat flour, a bundle of corn flour, clothes, tissue papers, shoes, washing soap, and juice.

The management thanked the team for visiting and promised us that any other time we would be free to visit them.

We agreed that we will plan to buy them plates and paint the residential areas where they live.

We give God all the glory for the well-spent Quaker World Day.

From Highgate Monthly Meeting in Jamaica:

Today in our gathering for worship we focused on those whom God has prepared ahead of time to be receptive to Friends as messengers bringing the Gospel—the Good News of Jesus Christ—to their communities. Many individuals identify by us, welcome us as messengers that God sends their way, and they try to serve and assist us in our outreach efforts as we spread the message to children in particular. Some are not yet believers, young people amongst them, but they all have great potential to be used in furthering the mission of Quakers and ultimately God’s kingdom on earth. We thank God for the good qualities we see in them. They are well-known people in their communities, they are willing to connect us to others and they are receptive to us as messengers.  We likened these individuals to Bible characters like: 1. The woman at the well 2. Cornelius 3. Rahab 4. The Philippian Jailer, etc.

As we look around us in the world today such a community of Persons of Peace seems far distant from actual realization. However, here in Highgate, Jamaica, we are determined to try everything possible within our means, to make such community a reality. Pictures showing Persons of Peace working with us in community outreach projects such as Vocational Bible School and school holiday youth camps were displayed on this day.

We thank God for prayers and donations from Friends as we continue to search for Persons of Peace to strengthen our mission here. We seek resources and guidance to teach others about Persons of Peace. We seek help to train the young Persons of Peace we are now working with, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with friends, family, and neighbours.

Edwin (Bobby) Coleman
Presiding Clerk
Highgate Monthly Meeting

From Belize:

Last Sunday was World Quaker Day, but here in Belize we don’t mind being a little late to things so we celebrated it today.

We have begun an inter-generational Sunday (First Day) School. Miriam Loh, on the right, led the class in an art activity centered on Psalm 119:89-90:

Forever, O LORD, your word
is firmly fixed in the heavens.
Your faithfulness endures to all generations;
you have established the earth, and it stands fast.

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Spiceland Friends Meeting Seeks Youth Minister

Mon, 10/09/2017 - 8:12pm

Director of Student Ministry (Youth Minister) Opening

Spiceland Friends Meeting is searching for a part-time Director of Student Ministry (Youth Minister).  Anyone interested in the position that would like a copy of the job description or more information, please contact Cathy Harris, and send a resume to Cathy (see below). The salary will be commensurate with experience ($10,000-12,000 annually). Cathy Harris Spiceland Friends Meeting/Church P.O. Box 27 Spiceland, IN 47385 Phone:  765-465-0994 Email:
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FUM Board to Meet In October

Mon, 10/09/2017 - 6:48pm
Members of the FUM General Board—Africa meeting in February, 2016.

Every three years, the 34 member Yearly Meetings and Associations of Friends United Meeting name representatives to serve on the General Board. Together, these Friends work in partnership to provide essential governance for our global fellowship. Like every good board, they help set direction, make policies, and provide accountability for the staff, as FUM ministers in many places and in varied ways.

With the new 2017 – 2020 Triennium now underway, new members of the General Board have been receiving past minutes, finance reports, and other orientation materials to prepare them to serve effectively and faithfully. A first meeting of the North American-Caribbean Region of the Board will be held in Richmond in late October. The Africa Region will meet in early February in Kenya. An Executive Board, comprised of 14 members who represent the entire global community, meet regularly with the FUM General Secretary by conference call.

At the 2017 Triennial gathering in Wichita, Kansas, new officers were approved for the next three years. Ron Bryan (Iowa Yearly Meeting) is the new Presiding Clerk. Sara Lookabill (Western Yearly Meeting) and Richard Sitari (Nairobi Yearly Meeting) are Assistant Presiding Clerks. Hellen Kulundi (Chebuyusi Yearly Meeting) and Rosemary Zimmerman (New England Yearly Meeting) are Recording Clerks. Jim Crew (Western Yearly Meeting) continues to serve as Treasurer for FUM.

The new Board will continue exploring how to expand the work of FUM in a sustainable way. Colin Saxton, outgoing General Secretary, states that “a more robust North American ministry remains a very high priority.” He also celebrates potential areas of expansion among Friends in East Africa, and says that FUM “continues to recieve requests from Quakers in other parts of the world to join FUM.”

Part of the Board’s work in this Triennium will be figuring how, with God’s guidance, to build healthy, mutually-supportive connections across our beloved community and out into a world in need of love.

On a more short-term basis, the Board is focused on finding a new General Secretary, helping to sharpen the focus and direction of our relaunched Friends United Press, and discerning how to support Yearly Meetings that are in conflict, as well as how best to collaborate with and assist Yearly Meetings that may be struggling.

From his own experience, Colin writes: “It has been a great joy to work with the FUM General Board the past six years. The members are thoughtful and discerning. Their willingness to stay engaged with one another—even around controversial or difficult issues—is tremendously helpful for FUM, the organization, and a great example for FUM, the community. It has been especially gratifying to see the Board make huge strides toward becoming and functioning as a global partnership. I think one of the great gifts of FUM is connecting Quakers around this world in fellowship, service, and mutual support—and it begins by having a Board that embraces this vision.”

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Doing This Great Work Together

Fri, 10/06/2017 - 12:56pm

Dear Friends,

Your partnership in the work and witness of Friends United Meeting is making an important difference in the lives of many Quakers around the world and in the communities they serve.

• In Belize: an expanded school, array of new ministries and a church planting effort is making inroads into a needy community. Our recently acquired Belize City Friends Center gives us a stable base to work from and a great site for Friends to visit!

• In Ramallah: our new Field Staff, Adrian Moody, is just settling into his role alongside the dedicated staff and board of Ramallah Friends School. With a new strategic plan in place and with plans to add a Quaker Life Coordinator in the coming year, we look forward to a more clearly focused ministry within the school and in the surrounding community.

• In East Africa: peacemakers are at work in response to election turmoil in Kenya; church planters and evangelists are doing effective outreach in new places and among different countries; Friends Theological College is thriving—training record numbers of pastors and other leaders for a growing church; thousands of eager children are receiving education in Quaker schools; women and men are being inspired, empowered, and equipped for service and leadership; and the FUM African Ministries staff is tirelessly supporting and sustaining the heart of the Quaker movement in this 21st century.

• In North America and throughout the Caribbean: programs aimed at strengthening local Churches and Meetings are rebuilding vital fellowships. Especially in places where Yearly Meetings struggle to provide adequate support, FUM is collaborating through leadership training, stewardship education, Friendly resources and programming, and staff visitation.

• In print and digital communication: FUM keeps you updated on news, activities, and resources that energize, equip, and connect you for a growing life with God and others in this beloved fellowship. Connections, Quaker Life, the weekly e-newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, and our website (undergoing expansion and re-design as I write) put you in touch with all that is happening today. Our soon-to-be released FUM Bookstore Catalogue gives you access to past and present writings aimed at helping you be faithful for the future.

There is so much more FUM is doing and seeks to do. None of it, however, is possible without you. Today—I ask you to make a gift to FUM so that we can continue to do this great work together—tomorrow and for many years to come. Your gift to the General Fund provides the support needed to make all of our global work possible. Please, make a generous gift today

With great gratitude,

Colin Saxton
FUM General Secretary

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Discipleship Classes at Katapokori Friends Church

Fri, 10/06/2017 - 10:54am

Since 1970, Friends have been building community with the pastoralist Turkana people in northwestern Kenya. Nineteen Quaker churches meet for worship in the Turkana region under the care of the Turkana Friends Mission. The Director of the Mission is John Moru, the first Turkanan to hold this position.

At one of the Turkanan Friends churches, in Katapokori, members have been studying discipleship. The members of Katapokori Friends Church, located one full day’s walk from the nearest town, are all new Christians. Before Turkana Friends Mission began working in this area about ten years ago, the community had never heard the gospel.

Today, these Friends are equipped to share the good news with others in this sparsely-populated region of northern Kenya!

John Moru reports that 39 members of the church, both men and women, most of them under 30 years old, have completed a discipleship program and will be graduating on October 8, 2017. The curriculum consisted of teachings in Christian doctrine and spirituality; Quaker faith, practice and history; and methods of evangelism. As Quakerism spreads rapidly in Turkana, these young and energized members are ready to share with their neighbors and gather people into fellowships where Jesus Christ is known, loved, and obeyed, as Teacher and Lord.

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