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Showing Kindness by Anne M. Scherer

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 9:07pm

Showing kindness

every single day

each action you take

it’s all about mindfulness.

Think about the words you say

showing kindness everyday

someone old or young, in a wheelchair,

needs a warm smile, not a stare.

Small, tall or color of skin

all that truly matters is what’s within

we all have minds and a heart

showing kindness is being smart.

Straight, Bi, Transgender, Lesbian or Gay

people tend to judge; so show kindness

think of people as a rainbow

you will see equality and know.

Everyone has emotions, feelings deep inside

happy, sad or feeling mad and sometimes want to shout

when you see someone sad, ask “Would you like a hug?”

showing kindness helps others let their feelings out.

How many ways can you show kindness?

Did you help your mom or dad, a friend in need

or a neighbor? Did you brush your cat, walk the dog,

fill their bowls with food to feed.

There are so many ways to be kind

it brings love and joy

showing kindness

is all about mindfulness.


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